New TBNotify version 1.3.512 - 24/08/07

New version to fix a problem with ignore filters.

You can download it here.

New TBNotify version 1.3.511 - 05/08/07

New version to address a recent site code change.

You can download it here.

New TBNotify version 1.3.509 - 04/08/07

Now TB is back under the control of its own staff i have finished work on the latest version of TBNotify.

Some major changes in this build. The most noticeable will be that you now must login to use TBNotify. The filters have also been revamped, and the categories are now dynamic (meaning any changes to the site are reflected in the program).

You can download it here.
This version will remove your existing filters! So please make a note of them before installing.

On a side note, i am now looking to make a notifer for at least one more torrent site. This site must have more than 50,000 users and be focused on 0-day scene releases. If you have any suggestions, please contract me via the TB forums.

Support for TBNotify - 20/05/07

Because of the general problems that TB is having, there will unforunately be no new version of TBNotify until these issues get resolved.
I have been informed by staff members that they are unable to help me with code changes until the site is once again running smoothly.

Until then, if you are a member of FileList, check out FLNotify.

TBNotify 1.2.443 Released - 25/12/06

Due to more code changes TBNotify has ceased being able to download files using it's own downloader. I'm currently working on getting this fixed server-side. Until then i have had to make this very hacky "quick fix" build.
This will allow you to once again download torrents using the client... but is not a long term solution.

WARNING: If you use IE to browse torrentbytes DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS BUILD.
Like i said before, this is a temporary solution to the problem caused by the new code changes. Therefore if you use IE, my particular work around will cause you to be logged out everytime you download a torrent.
Other changes in this build:
- improved download client stability
- disabled view profile feature (due to site code changes)

Merry Xmas

Download: here

TBNotify 1.2.441 Released - 24/10/06

Due to the latest code changes to torrentbytes, I have released a new version of TBNotify. This version should, once again, work with all aspects of the site. There have also been a few bugfixes and tweaks.
I didnt want to release this version so soon as i had more planned and i had to rush a few things. I hope there are no serious bugs with this build, but if i have overlooked something i have named the release 1.2.441 in case a quick-fix build is needed.
You can download the new version here, or by clicking the download link at the top of the page.

TBNotify 1.1 Released - 13/08/06

After a short *cough* break, there is a new version of TBNotify out. This releaase incorporates a few bugfixes, adds the new "xbox/360 category" and includes a new "View Profile" feature. The "View Profile" feature allows you to check your ratio and other vitals at the click of a mouse -- however it's very much a test feature, so it comes with no guarantees. You can download the new version here, or by clicking the download link at the top of the page.
Also, feedback is offline for the moment.

TBNotify 1.0 Final Released - 08/07/05

TBNotify 1.0 is finally available. You can download it here, or by clicking the download link at the top of the page.
Please report any bugs you find using this form, and be sure to check the list of known bugs before submitting a report.
This build should be extremely stable, and is the culmination of many months work.

Reasons to get TBNotify - 22/06/05

TBNotify is a great tool to complement torrentbytes. TBNotify allows you to quickly and easily grab the torrents you want, even when you're away from your computer.
Here are some benefits of TBNotify:
  • Extremely low traffic. With an average of 4 kilobytes of data traffic per hour*
  • Be the first to download torrents! TBNotify will display a friendly msn-style popup when a new torrent is released.
  • Only be notified of releases that interest you, by easily setting up filters.
  • Automatically download your favourite releases by creating a filter that matches the torrent. Filters can be as simple or complex as you like (with wildcard and logical  'AND' operator support)
  • Simple and easy to use. TBNotify has a very user-friendly interface, and also comes with a comprehensive help guide, which aims to guide you though the process of configuring TBNotify and setting up filters.
  • Search offline. TBNotify has a handy search feature that allows you to search the entire torrentbytes torrent database offline!
  • Low resource usage. TBNotify runs in the system tray, and you'd hardly know it was there. With RAM usage between 2mb & 8mb, and negligible processor usage. TBNotify is guaranteed** to run smoothly on any computer capable of supporting windows XP or 2000.

*assuming default check intervals of 10 minutes
**guaranteed or your money back! :P

General Information - 22/06/05

TBNotify is a torrent notifier and autodownloader originally written for torrentbits and now adapted to work with TorrentBytes.

You can specify filters (which can be as vague or exact as you like) so that you only get notified of torrents that interest you. TBNotify can also download your favourite releases for you. Just setup the filters, and the latest Movies/Games/TV Eps will be automatically downloaded as soon as they are released.

Some screenshots of TBNotify are available here.


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