Frequently Asked Questions - TBNotify 1.0

  • Is TBNotify open source?
    No sorry. TBNotify is not, and never will be, open source. However, TBNotify is 100% free software, and contains no ads or spyware.
  • Can i get a copy of the source code?
    No (see above). No exceptions.
  • Can you make a Notifier for my Torrent Site?
    Although I haven't ruled out supporting other sites, i will not be making a notifier for other small sites.
    So if your site has more than 50,000 members, give me a shout.
  • Why does some of the text appear as a single black box?
    This is a problem related to your Custom Visual Style that you are using. Either use a different visual style or delete the TBNotify.exe.mainifest file in your TBNotify directory to disable XP theme support for TBNotify.
  • Some of the text appears to be cut off, e.g. "Appl" instead of "Apply"
    This is not a typo, it is caused by your non-official Visual Style (see above)
  • I have another problem not listed above, what do I do?
    Check the list of known bugs, and only then should you submit a bug report.


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